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Expert Blacktop Maintenance

Protect and beautify your driveway this season with my formula DR2000 sealer. My formula is an exclusive blend of polymers and additives specially blended to create one of the thickest most durable sealers on the market. And for a limited time, we are applying formula DR2000 sealer for the same price as an ordinary sealer.

Remember its NO Bargain if you don't get a quality job?
unlike some of my competitors.
1) I believe proper preparation is half the job
2) I primer and burn oil spots!
3) I really fill cracks
4) I fog asphalt over 70 degrees before I seal
5) My formula DR2000 is a proven performer
6) I have a 10 year track record of great results.
Remember the satisfaction from a job well done lasts a lot longer than the thrill of a cheap price !!!


NO shortcuts at Dr. Blacktop


8 steps to beautiful blacktop

1) We call the night before your job.

2) Trim and edge the grass from edges.

3) Sweep out cracks and joints.

4 )Blow off rocks and debris

5) Primer and burn oil spots as needed

6) Fill large cracks!

7) Block driveway from traffic for 24hrs


Your Blacktop can be Beautiful !

Top ten reasons to hire us...

1) We are proud to be owner operated!

2) We pride ourselves on neatness.

3) We have the answers to fix the problem.

4) We use the latest techniques available.

5) We only use top quality materials

6) We are committed to serving the community.

7) We are fully insured for your protection.

8) We have a long track record of great results.

9) We NEVER Spray!

10) We Guarantee your Satisfaction


Double the life of your driveway!


Call the Pro's or its 

your own Asphalt!


Frequently asked Questions


How often do I seal my driveway? 

New asphalt driveways should be sealed 2 years in a row to establish a base coat. Then you can begin to seal every other season.


Do I need to be home?

No, I will call you the night before I plan to seal the driveway so you can move cars and arrange for payment.


How long do I stay off the driveway?

The sealer dries to the touch in few hours. But for best results, you should let it cure for 24hrs before driving on it.


How much does is cost?

standard 2 car garage driveways are $85


standard 3 car garage driveways are $95


The price includes all labor and materials to crack fill and seal a standard driveway. I offer Free estimates on new, sideload or large driveways.


   An ounce of prevention 

$aves a ton of Asphalt


      What about cracks ???

Every driveway develops cracks from exposure to the elements and hundreds of freeze and thaw cycles. Cracks are like wrinkles and we all get them with age. Our basic service includes general crack filling. If you are not sure what to expect from your driveway ask for a FREE evaluation


Why seal coat your driveway ???


1 ) Sealing prevents oxidation

Exposure to the sun and ultraviolet rays causes the binders that hold your driveway together to harden and deteriorate. If left untreated the pavement will dry out over time and begin to deteriorate and crumble. Fortunately, my formula DR2000 is like sunblock for your driveway!


2) Seal coating repels water!

Water penetration is the number one cause of pavement failure. Water penetration into the surface and base causes cracking, potholes and sinking. Sealing your driveway creates a waterproof barrier that fills in surface voids and cracks.


3) My sealer resits gas and oil spills

Gas and oil spills on your driveway can quickly destroy the asphalt binders and can lead to costly repairs. My formula DR2000 cover spills and restores a "like new" black finish.


4) Your blacktop can be beautiful!

Dr. Blacktop can protect and beautify your driveway.Seal coating doubles the life of your driveway and makes it easier to clean in the summer and melt snow and ice faster in the winter. 


Don't be fooled by the rest...

Go with the best!

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