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Our Mission... Great Results!

At Green & Beautiful we measure our success in results! I am so confident you will love our services I GUARANTEE it. Unlike most companies, we will NEVER ask you to sign a contract. We dont need contracts  HAPPY CUSTOMERS come back on their own!

 Fertilizer and Weed Control
I am Dan one of the State Certified Turf experts at Green & Beautiful. My job is to evaluate your lawn and develop a program that improves the overall health of your lawn. I will help you coordinate all your lawn care efforts to get the results you want. 
All of our fertilizer and weed control programs deliver great results and make your lawn less dependant on chemicals.
           All Applications Safe with:
               *Pets  *Kids  * Family
          100% Granular Fertilizer
         Environtment Friendly Programs
       We Guarantee Results ....
           good, bad and ugly lawns
    Happy Customers do not need them
Lawn Aeration

Lawn aeration is one of the best things you can do to improve your lawn in the heavy clay soil in this area. It should be a regular part of your annual maintenance.

      Benifits of Lawn Aeration


      *Relieves Soil Compaction

       * Promotes Root Growth

       * Oxygenates The Soil

       * Reduces Water Run Off


   Fall Aeration Special $54.95

        includes the hole yard up to 1/2 acre


    Jump Start Your Lawn $89.95

            Aeration & Fertilizer

    * not valid with "auto pilot" programs 






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Lawn Renovation


Got Thatch, Disease, Insects

or thin grass? We love a challenge!

We can help you fix one trouble spot or the whole yard! Schedule a FREE lawn analysis and we will diagnose all  the 

problems and develop a plan to get the results you want!


  Free Estimates / Guaranteed Results


           * Power raking

           * Over seeding  

           * Insect contol

           * Lawn diseases




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